Instructions given to a collecting bank that drafts falling due for payment are to be formally presented to the drawee by a notary, who is to formally record any default. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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I. protest pro‧test 2 [prəˈtest] verb
1. [intransitive] to show publicly that you disagree with something you think is wrong or unfair:
protest against/​at/​about

• People always protest against new forms of taxation.

2. [intransitive, transitive] to say or do something publicly to show that you disagree with something you think is wrong or unfair:
protest something

• About 40,000 angry Connecticut residents gathered outside the Capitol in Hartford to protest a new income tax.

3. [transitive] to state very firmly that something is true, especially when other people do not believe you:
protest that

• The AFL-CIO's Richard Sawyer protested that thousands of local jobs may be lost to Mexico if the trade agreement is approved.

  [m0] II. protest pro‧test 1 [ˈprəʊtest ǁ ˈproʊ-] noun
1. [countable, uncountable] an angry complaint that shows you disagree with something, or when you state publicly that you think something is wrong or unfair:

• The union is making a formal protest to the government about the matter.

protest against/​at

• Miners staged a two-hour strike in protest against the effects of the economic reforms.

• Health workers marched on Nov. 17 in protest at government restrictions on health service expenditure.

2. [countable] an occasion when people meet together in public to express disapproval or opposition to something:

• 17,000 demonstrators took part in a student protest against education loans.

• Later this month, protest marches are planned by farmers' groups.

— protester noun [countable] :

• More than 2,000 protesters demonstrated outside Parliament today.

3. under protest unwillingly, and with the feeling that you have been unfairly treated:

• I only signed the document under protest.

• The tax demand was disputed by the company, and the payments were made under protest.

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protest UK US /ˈprəʊtest/ noun
[C or U] a strong complaint against something, or the act of complaining strongly about it: an angry/big/formal protest »

The chief executive of the troubled company gave up a £2.8m bonus package after big protests.

in protest against/at sth »

He resigned in protest at the refusal to privatise the airline.


The length of directors' contracts attracted a storm of protest from small shareholders at last year's annual meeting.

[C] an occasion when people show that they disagree strongly with something by standing together and shouting and carrying signs, especially on the streets: hold/organize/stage a protest »

Shareholders held protests against the takeover bid outside the Stock Exchange.

spark/trigger a protest »

The plan sparked days of street protests.


a large/mass/peaceful protest


a protest demonstration/march

under protest — Cf. under protest
protest UK US /prəʊˈtest/ US  /prəˈtest/ verb
[I or T] to say or do something to show that you are against something: protest about/at sth »

Shareholders of the telecoms company are being urged to protest about a £10million bonus given to the chief executive.

protest against sth »

Local entrepreneurs banded together and called a strike to protest against an increase in local taxes.

US »

protest a proposal/decision

to say very forcefully that something is true: protest that »

Industry lobbyists protest that the charges on small loans would drive lenders out of business.

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